Therapy Range Candle


Therapy Range Candle

Therapy Range Candle



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Enjoy the essential oil blends to create a decadent, rich aroma. These candles will infuse your home with comfort, balance and harmony. 

The deep and earthy primal aromas of Sandalwood and Cedar essential oils helps you to unlock energy stores for increased mental sharpness and strength.

Immerse yourself in the full-bodied, soothing aroma of lavender, clary sage, eucalyptus & lime essential oils to combat stress and re-charge. Infused with notes of lily, jasmine and orange blossom.

Promote calm and relaxation with this soothing blend of petitgrain and peony essential oils, designed to stimulate gentle recuperation and healthy repair.

This invigorating citrus scent infuses your environment with feelings of light, strength and energy, refreshing you with Lime & Mandarin essential oils and lavish undertones of Bergamot and Orange.

Promote healthy respiration and body balance with this soothing blend of rosemary & peppermint essential oils, designed to open the airways and aid recuperation.

Immerse yourself in the delicate spice and full bodied sweetness of cinnamon and vanilla essential oils to combat stress and promote healthy circulation.

  • Soy and Natural Plant Wax
  • 55hrs burn time 
  • 260g

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