Freya Healey

Hi! My name is Freya Healey and I’m 17 years young. I started working at Florence & Amelia’s in the October of 2017 just in time for the shop’s 3-year anniversary! I heard about the job after spending 4 weeks in Uganda with Nicola’s son on a Duke of Edinburgh expedition with West Hill School (my mum is a Food Technology teacher there). I’m currently an A-Level student in my second year at Ashton Sixth Form College studying English Literature, History and Religious Studies in hopes of studying Law at university. Working at the shop has given me the opportunity to expand my work experience and gain valuable insight into the world of work and true customer service, something that Nicola has taught me lots about. I thoroughly enjoyed Art in school and working in the shop also allows me to continue artistic interests through up-cycling old furniture and developing original ideas. There’s never a dull moment working in the shop, I love every second of it, and I honestly couldn’t ask for a better boss (she hasn’t paid me to say that). I’ll be very sad when the time comes soon for me to leave to go to university, but I’ll be very grateful to Nic for the experience working in the shop has given me.

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